Cup holder - flexible setting and universal attachment.

Our high quality cupholders are available in different versions. They differ in their function and the length of the holding arm.

The Flexi is flexible while the MiniFix and MaxiFix are locked in a fixed position.

Due to the universal clamp, the cup holders can be attached at different locations.

The Mini or MaxiFix with stand is ideal for easy storage on tables. The counterweight has 2.5 kg and offers a good hold of the beverage.

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31.01.2019 - Daniel Rickenbacher says to bottle holder Flexi with uniclamp:

Thank you. I have had you assemble this week. She gives me a lot of freedom. Great product!

Something about Daniel:

My name is Daniel Rickenbacher and I am 25 years old. I'm from Illgau, which is located in the canton of Schwyz. Due to a lack of oxygen at birth, I have a physical disability.

I live in a studio, in the Rodtegg, Foundation for people with a physical disability, in Lucerne. I am an office-doctor and work in bookkeeping at the "bürowärckstatt", which also belongs to the foundation.

At the Mister Handicap election of Ambassador for the Handicapped in 2014, I reached the final.
Now I support as an ambassador for supported communication.